VOSSEN, an expedition through the land of Reynaert, is a unique bike ride through the sweet country of Waas that takes you into the medieval story of Reynaert the fox. Do not expect a classic bike ride but an experience route full of surprising adventures for young and old.

At various exhibition locations, the story of Reynaert the fox is told in a playful multimedia way. Modern audiovisual techniques such as minimapping, 3D projection and augmented reality awaken the 13th century animal epee. After all, how about Reynaert, King Nobel or Bruun the bear?

VOSSEN wants to immerse you in the nasty areas of Reynaert the fox. In an interactive way, you will (again) become acquainted with this beautiful literary heritage.

Commissioned by art foundation The Phoebus Foundation and Katoen Natie, Koeken Troef provided the conceptual and audiovisual part of VOSSEN. You can discover expositions from animated film, theater and short films with a joke to a catchy rap song and an amusing game newspaper.

The event Vossen ended 30 September 2018. Thank you to all visitors.