Umesh Pop-Up Teevee

One year ago, Flemish audiences fell for Haldis, the clumsy fixer from ‘The Biker Boys’. A dose of groundbreaking ideas, lots of spectacular shots and the purchase of a minivan later, Umesh Vangaver is back with a brand new television program: ‘Umesh Pop-Up Teevee’.

In ‘Umesh Pop-Up Teevee’, the young TV maker has unexpectedly been given his own TV show. Using the pop-up hype to his advantage, Umesh hits the road with only one goal: to win over viewers’ hearts.

The result of Umesh’ adventures is a flashy magazine filled with quirky news stories, wise lessons from experienced TV warhorses and remarkable reinterpretations of existing TV formats. Or will it all turn out a little differently than planned?