Two to the sixth power

In ‘Two to the sixth power’ three teams of two contestants fight for victory under the approving eye of Bart De Pauw. Each week, two teams of noble strangers challenge a duo of Flemish celebrities, who have been selected from a pool of six well-known Flemings: the Sixth Power.

In other words, the Flemish celebrities play against the unknown Flemings. Gone are the days when celebrities helped a team to victory. They are adversaries now, and they stop at nothing to waylay their opponents.

In ‘Two to the sixth power’, knowledge alone is not enough. Associative thinking, fast reactions and perfect teamwork make the difference between victory and defeat. If the unknown duo get the best of it, they win a tidy sum of money. If their famous opponents carry the day, this sum is deposited on their mutual celebrity account. In the thirteenth and last instalment of the season, the six celebrities of the Sixth Power combat each other for the honour of organizing an event for charity with the total sum all six of them have won.

To stand a chance of winning, the unknown duos must join forces and surpass themselves – to no small degree. In Two to the Sixth Power!