Jani goes

‘Jani goes’ is a documentary series about Flanders’ most famous stylist, Jani Kazaltzis. In this show, Jani ventures outside of his comfort zone, the fashion world, to immerse himself into foreign worlds and communities that could not be more different from his familiar surroundings.

Gradually he gets to know these strange new habitats, where he seems so out of place at first sight, by challenging himself to push his limits and defy his fears.

Will the preconceptions our flamboyant stylist has about these particular worlds turn out to be true, and will these strange habitats embrace Jani?

In the first season, Jani joins a group of paratroopers in training for a grueling boot camp. He spends a few days on a fishing boat on the North Sea with some tough sailors, and even takes on the role of mother of four young children for a week. And for someone who has never set foot in a zoo, going on safari in the African savanna and sleeping in a tent is quite the adventure.

In the second season, he travels LA to reveal the porn industry, he visits an isolated Eskimo-community and tries to survive the the freezing temperatures of Alaska and experiences the situations in which referees get caught up on a football field.