The Kids’ Puzzle

Seven couples leave for an adventurous journey together with 30 children. They don’t know the children, except for two of them: their own. But which children belong to the other parents, that is what they have to find out. They have 20 days to solve the ‘Kids’ Puzzle’, 20 days to discover each other’s children. The only way of getting to know the children is by playing deceptive games, while the kids have to hide their real identity…

Who outsmarts who? The adults or the children? In order to stay in the race, parents and siblings from the same family have to pretend that they’ve never met before. Once a family is discovered by all other couples, they have to leave the game immediately… In the summer of 2009, Bart De Pauw and Tine Embrechts took seven couples to the Ardens to play the ‘Kids’ Puzzle’.