The Biker Boys

The humorous fiction series ‘The Biker Boys’ recounts the story of three people looking for the origin of the Vespa in its spiritual home Italy, the land of La Dolce Vita and la Dolce Far Niente. The “adventurers” Benji (Ben Segers), Jocke (Jonas Van Geel) and Berre (Bart De Pauw) stop at important places of interest, experience the local culture and the various regional products. At least, that’s the intention…

The Biker Boys are being supported by their fixer Fetcha (Umesh Vangaver) who gets them into trouble on numerous occasions. The trip will take a lot longer than anticipated, the adventures are not always what they were meant to be and ‘the making’ of will turn out to be far more interesting than the program they are intending to make.