Koeken Troef! is a Flemish production company founded in 2008. The driving force behind the company is Bart de Pauw, an experienced producer who has worked for television since 1987. Buiten de Zone underlined his breakthrough and programs such as Schalkse Ruiters, Mannen op de Rand, De Mol, Het Geslacht De Pauw, Willy’s en Marietten and the movie ‘Loft’ really promoted him.

While Bart is the creative brain of Koeken Troef!, the general and daily policy is run by Inès De Vos. The company can also count on a group of enthusiastic editors, producers and freelancers who are driven and eager in their attempt to make qualitative, beautiful and meaningful television.

In the meantime, Koeken Troef! can already list different programs on his record of achievements – both fiction and non-fiction- which were all well-received by the general public such as: Twee tot de Zesde Macht, Quiz Me Quick, De Biker Boys, Jani Gaat, The Boxy’s and It’s Showtime. Recently, we realised the audiovisual part of the event about Reynaert the Fox. In this project we intended to transmit the content using new technologies like augmented reality.

Bart: “While searching for a name, we were running out of time and just came up with Koeken Troef!, so it doesn’t have a special meaning, but I am pleased with the outcome. There is also a link with the card game; ‘Koeken’ in English are ‘diamonds’ and I liked the image of that. Also when playing cards, the ‘diamond’ card is the nicest one: hearts are a little too soft and the black spades and clubs are too dark. You have to admit: the diamond lady and the diamond fool are the two funniest cards to play with, right?”